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Africa Orality Projects-Unreached Peoples
Innovative Programs to Reach Unreached People Groups in Africa
Allen & Abby Dill
Support for Allen and Abby Dill
Andrew and Holly Haas
Support for Andrew and Holly Haas
Andy and Kathy Napier
Support for Andy and Kathy Napier
Audio Devices and Radios for Africa
Audio Devices and Radios for Africa
Becky Uhden
Support for Becky Uhden
Ben and Stephanie Lykins
Support for Ben and Stephanie Lykins
Benin Airtime (West Africa)
Radio Programs for West Africa
Bill and Lois Early
Support for Bill and Lois Early
Bob and Claire Rothrock
Support for Bob and Claire Rothrock
Bott Radio Network: Cover Cuba with the Gospel
Bott Radio Network: Cover Cuba with the Gospel
Brad & Sandra Swanson
Support for Brad and Sandra Swanson
Brandon and Laura Neal
Support for Brandon and Laura Neal
Branko Bjelajac
Support for Branko Bjelajac
Candace Mackie
Support for Candace Mackie
Carol Witthun
Support for Carol Witthun
Champions Arise
Champions, Arise!
Cindy Finley
Support for Cindy Finley
Cross Currents International Ministry Donation
Cross Currents International Ministries
Curt and Carol Detwiler
Support for Curt and Carol Detwiler
Daniel and Lynn Plett
Support for Daniel and Lynn Plett
Daryl and Gaynelle Renshaw
Support for Daryl and Gaynelle Renshaw
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