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Global Media Outreach Fund

Does sharing the gospel by mass media really work? TWR’s director for Central Asia shared this with us:

“Some weeks ago, I met Brother K, who was recently freed from prison. He was imprisoned for answering a question about faith from a young man and telling him about Jesus. He was sentenced to 15 days in prison and a high monetary fine, but he said, ‘They may be able to shut my mouth, but the voice of TWR will not be silent.’”

Another listener wrote to us: “I am disabled. My husband is 75 years old. We live in Ukraine. We have war and life is difficult. The only consolation is TWR. With great attention and joy we listen to your radio programs.”

For over 60 years, we have been hearing from listeners like this. Your support of TWR’s Global Media Outreach, our general fund, helps us to keep our global operations going year after year. Our goal for this next fiscal year is $2,300,000.

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