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Guam Generator Project

Since the 1970s, TWR has been broadcasting across Asia from our shortwave station, KTWR, on the island of Guam with a reach into countries such as India, China, Indonesia, North Korea, Vietnam, and Australia.

TWR’s team of missionary engineers, mechanics, and computer technicians maintain six antenna arrays and three high-power transmitters. Having a stable electricity supply is vital to our broadcast operations, but typhoons (hurricanes) that are common to the Pacific can knock out power lines or the island power plants.

Having a backup generator keeps us on the air, but our current generator is 25 years old and runs the transmitters at only 50 percent power. Plus, replacement parts are hard to find. A new generator is critical to powering all three transmitters and expanding ministry in the future.

After several years of fundraising, our remaining need is $150,000. TWR is seeking God’s provision to complete the replacement of the KTWR backup generator.