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Guam Tower Restoration Project

Since 1977, TWR has been spreading a blanket of the gospel by radio across the vast continent of Asia.

From shortwave station KTWR on the island of Guam, TWR has beamed messages of hope in Jesus Christ across barriers of persecution, poverty, addictions, human trafficking, restrictive governments and even high mountains. Radio is also able to penetrate them all. We have seen much lasting fruit in the hearts of Asians of many different cultures and people groups.

Now, 43 years later, the 10 towers that support our vast array of broadcast antennas are in serious need of upgrades. Years of regular painting and maintenance can no longer protect the bolts and braces rusted through from the salty Pacific ocean air.

Guam lies in “typhoon alley,” and Pacific typhoon winds can reach 200 mph. These have become a major threat to our tower and curtain antenna infrastructure, and tower restoration is needed for the coming decades of radio ministry.

Digital radio has become commonplace in China and India and so we are also gearing up to add digital capability to our ministry in the region. Through test broadcasts using digital technology, TWR has demonstrated that we are able to deliver clear digital signals to listeners in these and other countries of Asia.

A gift to this project will help us maintain our vital analog transmissions and prepare for digital broadcasting to preserve our big voice for Jesus in North Korea, India, China, and many other countries of Asia.