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Haiti Earthquake Response

TWR’s national partner in Haiti, 4VEH, remains on the air reaching out to traumatized listeners in the wake of the deadly magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit the region on August 14.

4VEH is headquartered in Cap-Haïtien, on the northern side of Haiti, while their newest radio station 98.5 FM is located in the southwestern city of Les Cayes, where the main force of the quake was centered.

Despite the tragic loss of life and widespread destruction, the station’s staff managed to stay safe through the quake. Program hosts went on the air to field phone calls, provide timely information and encouragement, and to pray for the nation.

TWR has been in contact with 4VEH’s Global Communications Director, Kate Michel, since the earthquake hit to offer our prayers and support.

As a result, we learned that one of the pressing needs for 4VEH is to secure a combination solar/fuel generator to ensure that station is able to stay on the air when crises like these occur.

TWR hopes to raise $20,000 to help meet this need. Any additional funds would help 4VEH with other earthquake response expenses including special programs, distribution of radios, and direct earthquake relief.

Countless listeners in Haiti depend on the news, words of hope and encouraging content that 4VEH provides, especially in times of national emergency. TWR would like to come alongside our long-time ministry partner and assist them in raising funds for this important need.

Would you join us in helping to ensure that 4VEH is able to continue to be a beacon of hope in Haiti when disaster strikes? Please consider making a special gift today. Thank you.

For more information about the Haiti earthquake and 4VEH click here.

photo credit: Voice of America