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Mission Emergency Fund

Support the TWR Mission Emergency Fund Today

The coronavirus pandemic has brought us amazing opportunities to share the gospel. But at the same time, it has thrown some of our international ministry partners into a financial crisis.

While they are doing all they can to share God’s love in the midst of fear and despair, local lockdowns have severely limited much needed giving and volunteer help within their own communities.

As a result, our international partners are now facing expenses that we could not have anticipated or included in our budget. That’s why we're asking for your special intervention today.

For the first time, TWR has established a Mission Emergency Fund to meet the extraordinary demands of this crisis.

Right now, we need to raise an additional $150,000 to give our TWR ministry partners the support they need. You’ll also be helping them prepare for future emergencies because the current crisis could have ongoing ripple effects. This truly is a time like no other!

TWR is absolutely determined that our international ministry partners will not fail because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please, help us help them! Pray about how God would want you to participate at this time of need.

Thank you so much for responding to this extraordinary need.

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