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Mission 66 Mandarin (China)

Reach Millions in China with Christian Programs Translated in Mandarin

Under communism, believers in China have suffered persecution for decades. But lately, it’s getting worse. Much worse.

Now, Bible purchases online are banned. And while enforcement varies by area, we’ve learned of churches being demolished, missionaries being forced to leave, religious books being removed from stores and online platforms.

Because of increasing censorship, biblical teaching that’s uncensored and unfiltered is getting harder to find in China. People may come to Christ but search in vain for spiritual nourishment.

And what they may find might not be the whole truth. To confront this challenge, TWR has created Mission 66 — a series of 613 programs in Mandarin that guides listeners through all 66 books of the Bible.

We’ll be broadcasting this teaching series over shortwave radio, which authorities are unable to censor. So, the Christian message can get through despite the opposition!

To broadcast all 613 episodes of Mission 66 over two-and-a-half years will cost $128,701. That means you can sponsor one entire broadcast — potentially reaching millions of people — for only $209.95.

Please consider how many of these life-changing messages you can sponsor today. You’ll be helping to bring sound biblical teaching directly into homes and house church groups.