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PANI Broadcasts

The news and images emanating from Afghanistan in recent days are heart-wrenching and deeply troubling. Prior to the current crisis, Open Doors had ranked the Afghanistan second among countries where Christians face the worst persecution. Now the environment is expected to become even more oppressive.

That's why TWR’s broadcasts into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North India are more vital than ever. Transmitting safely from an undisclosed location outside the country, our PANI broadcasts provide Afghan listeners the opportunity to hear biblical messages of comfort and hope in their respective heart languages.

In many cases, the station is one of the few opportunities listeners have to hear and understand the gospel. And they can do so privately to avoid retaliation by family members, neighbors or authorities.

TWR’s PANI programs teach Scripture, encourage healthy family relationships, share testimonies of new believers, and explain how to start a home church. Your gift will help TWR to continue providing hope and encouragement to believers, and bring the message of the gospel to those who desperately need it during these turbulent times.