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The Way of Righteousness

The Way of Righteousness is a radio program that is expanding rapidly around the TWR world because of its proven ability to explain the Scriptures. Airing across the regions, it generates great feedback from listeners including a remarkable number deciding to follow Jesus.

While serving as a missionary in Senegal, the program author, Paul Bramsen, saw the opportunity to build a bridge between the prophets of the Old Testament and the coming of Jesus Christ. He developed a series of 100 radio programs, 15 minutes each, that takes the listener on a journey through the Scriptures of the prophets to view God’s unchangeable purpose for mankind and to hear God’s thrilling answer to Job’s four-thousand-year-old question, “How can a man be righteous before God?” (Job 9:2)

Through The Way of Righteousness, non-Christians realize that Jesus Christ is more than just a prophet. He is the Son of God who gave his life for our salvation. TWR is showing those disillusioned with false worldviews that Jesus is the way of righteousness.

Bramsen is president of ROCK International, a close partner of TWR. Currently, TWR airs The Way of Righteousness in 20 languages throughout the world. This effective program has emerged as one of the main tools in our global strategy, prompting this major initiative to increase the number of languages on the air as quickly as possible.

TWR translation teams are standing by and ready to produce The Way of Righteousness in additional languages. With your help, we can reach our goal of adding 30 languages over the next three years (10 for the upcoming year) in areas of Asia, Africa, and Europe that will touch large populations with the gospel. Join us in being a part of givers to this project of $300,000.

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