Through the internet, the whole world becomes our mission field.

TWR360 is providing Bible-based online content in 90 languages and drawing about a half-million visits each month from 225 countries and territories.

This year we’ll need an additional $187,000 to keep producing inspiring messages, high-definition videos, sermon podcasts, audio Bibles, music and radio streaming, the JESUS film, and much more.

TWR360 is poised to reach millions of people where they are — in their distress and confusion.

Now is the time to dispel the darkness and bring the light of God’s truth to a suffering world.

And it has never been more important than right now, as people isolate themselves because of the COVID-19. Alone and disconnected, they feel scared. In their desperate search for answers, they turn to the internet.

This is a special moment when we can reach millions for Christ through digital media! Pray and join with us in sharing the good news of Jesus.

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