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Funding the Family Business

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Funding the Family Business is the essential handbook for raising personal support for Christian ministry.

Covering biblical principles of giving and receiving, the "hows and whys" of giving and plenty of practical guidelines and exercises to try yourself, this book will help you develop and implement a support-raising plan. Whether you’re at the start of life in mission or have been living on the support of others for a while and could use some renewed enthusiasm, Funding the Family Business is a great resource to draw upon.

Myles Wilson is passionate about helping connect givers and receivers in God’s family. The book is not only a mine of information and real life stories based on the author's many years of experience in support-raising but also an encouragement to build strong partnerships with supporters as a basis for effective ministry.

First published in the UK in 2007, and updated with two new chapters in 2011, Funding the Family Business has been used worldwide by a growing number of mission agencies as part of their training program for mission workers. Previously only available to order from the UK, TWR is delighted to act as sole distributor for this resource in the US.

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