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Africa Orality Projects-Unreached Peoples

Visit a rural Hausa village in West Africa, and sooner or later you’ll come across a group of children and adults gathered around an elder telling a story. They're doing more than listening to a story, though—they’re taking part in the rich cultural heritage that defines the Hausa and gives a strong sense of their place in their community and world.

The Hausa are considered “oral learners”—that is, storytelling, drama, and other oral-teaching forms are some of the best ways to reach their hearts, even among those who are literate. They are also one of Africa’s largest “unreached people groups,” with only .04 percent being evangelical Christians, and more than 30 million of them live within range of TWR’s West Africa Transmitting Station.

That’s why, with the help of people like you, TWR has developed innovative programs that use traditional teaching forms to share the gospel story, like the Hausa-language program Hasken Rai (Light of Life), in which a younger person asks an elder questions about a Scripture passage.

And the Hausa people are being changed by the Word! Just last year, thanks to many who support Hasken Rai, almost 2,500 Hausa listeners responded with testimonies like this one:

“Thank you. I got converted to Christianity through your programs. I was about to perish, but your program set me free. Please pray for me, because I want to understand what God requires from me since I received Him as my Lord and personal Savior.”

The gospel is the greatest true story ever told, and with your gift right now, you can help tell it to the Hausa and four other unreached “oral-learning” people groups in Africa who may never hear it any other way. At only $20 a minute to reach an average of 1.2 million people, how many minutes of God’s truth can you provide?