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Czech Children's Programming

The Czech Republic has the highest percentage of atheists in the world. In most cities and towns, there is no local evangelical church or Sunday school available to help them find God or even find out that He exists. Children born into this culture may never get the opportunity to hear about Jesus and come to an early belief in Him. These children are not only the future of their nation, but a very real hope for the present as well, as their faith can lead families, neighbors, and communities to the Lord.

To respond to this need, TWR is developing an exciting range of new children's programs that bring the good news of God's love to many young lives for the very first time. Designed for all ages, the aim of the programs is to change young lives for Christ. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a new era of children's ministry in the Czech Republic from the beginning, but the work can only grow as the Lord leads supporters to come alongside workers in the field.

A gift of $50 will cover the costs of preparing, producing and broadcasting one full 15-minute Konafasek program on radio and other media devices. Konafasek, which focuses on sharing biblical principles on life in a story-telling format that children can easily understand, is a term used at the end of the day when kids would crawl under the blanket.


Alternatively, a gift of $300 will make 90 minutes of the Kormidlo program via radio and other media devices possible. Kormidlo means ‘rudder’ and seeks to explain in a dynamic, interactive way how God needs to be the rudder of our lives.


There are approximately two million listeners waiting to hear that God loves them. Please consider supporting children's programs in the Czech Republic today!