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Discipleship on the Air Farsi Program

The Persian-speaking world is made up of countries whose religious and traditional beliefs make it extremely difficult to penetrate with the gospel. Churches grow slowly, if at all, as they are beaten down by governments, communities and families antagonistic to Christianity. With so few resources to bring up new believers, pastors and lay leaders lack the deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible they need to nurture their small flocks.

Where missionaries are locked out and local Christians face persecution, radio can reach quietly into the homes and hearts of Persian-speaking believers. In cooperation with others, TWR has developed Discipleship On The Air (DOTA), a discipleship and mentoring program for emerging house church leaders in the Middle East. This project combines seminars, radio broadcasts, on-the-ground ministry with and appropriate study materials to meet the needs of leaders. A carefully developed curriculum is being aired via radio with complementary written material distributed to a select group of people ahead of time. The written material is also available on the Internet.

Please consider partnering with us in this important ministry to Persian-speaking church leaders. Your gift today will make a significant difference to airing this desperately needed program to the Persian Speaking World.