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Dr. Luke Broadcasts

Dr. Luke is an evangelistic health and hygiene program written by a longtime missionary doctor who loves to bring a biblical perspective to life’s health challenges.

The 52 episodes cover topics such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, aging, heart issues, and many others, including recent special programming on COVID-19.

Listeners to this popular program like to become more educated and make healthy lifestyle changes, such as a woman in Africa who underwent treatment for breast cancer because of the program.

Dr. Luke has been produced in seven languages and is airing widely across Latin America and the Caribbean, India, and about 20 countries of Africa.

We would like to keep expanding the ministry of Dr. Luke to include new languages for Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and West Africa. A generous donor has already pledged to match the first $20,000 given to this project, so $40,000 will help us to get one or more of these new language translations on the air.