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Happy Children's Garden (Cambodia)

In the 1970s, the brutal Pol Pot regime nearly destroyed Cambodia, killing around 2 million people through execution, forced labor or starvation. Thirty years later, the country still struggles to meet the basic needs of its people. Deep psychological scars remain, and many suffer from stress related disorders. Through this broken world walks Cambodia's next generation, growing up largely ignored and unwanted by adults who do not listen to them and cannot afford to send them to school. Instead, these children must stay at home, tending to younger siblings and doing housework. Lack of education even extends to hygiene and disease, which children can fall victim to so easily. Even those who are allowed to attend Sunday school may not get the guidance and love they need, as teachers lack the education and materials to adequately help them.

Seeing the desperate need of its nation's children, TWR-Cambodia's team produces the Happy Children's Garden program, a weekly 15-minute Bible story series geared to reach children of all ages. Beginning with creation and ending with Christ's return, each program not only teaches life applications, but also biblical traditions, customs, culture and the geography of the Holy Land, so that children will have a more complete knowledge of Scripture. Listeners learn songs performed by children in churches TWR's team visits, and they can win prizes by sending in correct answers to questions about the day's story.

Happy Children's Garden is currently aired on local FM stations throughout Cambodia. The TWR-Cambodia team also touches listeners' lives on a personal level through correspondence and rallies held in different villages, where they learn more biblical lessons, receive gifts of basic hygiene items and eat food specially prepared by volunteers.

Your gift of $100 will help direct Cambodian children toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.