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Speaking Hope to Latin America

For half a century, TWR has been a voice of hope throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Hundreds of FM stations carry more than 25 Spanish programs, and several other programs in the Mapuche, Quechua, and Guarani languages reach the indigenous peoples of Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Pastors are built up in the Scriptures through TWR’s Bible school on the air and daily systematic teaching of the Bible. Other programs reach women and youth, address family issues, and challenge atheists to consider the claims of Christ.

Thousands of listeners contact us every year to say that, whether lifelong listeners or new seekers of truth, they find the daily spiritual food they need through TWR.

Your gift to Speaking Hope to Latin America will serve to support the production of these spiritually nourishing programs and ensure that their distribution to hundreds of radio stations continues uninterrupted. Our goal is $50,000.

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