Radios for the World/Bless a Cuban with a Radio

Bless a Cuban with a Radio

In 2018, TWR upgraded our Caribbean transmitter to 450,000 watts with the hope of reaching all of Cuba with our Shine 800 AM radio signal from Bonaire. During a recent visit to Cuba, we heard clear and strong reception of the broadcasts, confirming that our goal has been achieved.

We also sat with Cuban listeners to hear how much the broadcasts mean to them. Many radios used by people in Cuba are old Russian-made models that are wearing out. Many would love to listen to the broadcasts but do not own a working radio.

Receivers available in stores are poor in quality and priced out of reach for most people. In Cuba, where the internet is regulated and the roads are hard to travel, radio is an important tool to bring the gospel and encourage believers.

Your gift of $45 will bless a Cuban with a quality solar-powered radio to tune in to messages of hope.