Destructive China Monsoons

TWR's Asia Disaster Relief Fund was created to respond to various disasters as they arise in locations throughout Asia. Currently the fund is being utilized to respond to the recent flooding brought about by an overly destructive monsoon season in China.

The 2020 Monsoon season in China has been one of the worst in history. Since early June 2020, some of the heaviest torrential rains on record have raised the water of major rivers well above safe levels. The two months of downpours have inundated cities and villages along the Yangtze and the Huai River. To-date, the floods have affected 27 of China’s 31 provincial-level jurisdictions, hitting 55 million people and leaving at least 158 people dead or missing.

To make the situation more precarious, the devastating floods since June have added much pressure to the Three Gorges Dam, built to moderate water levels of Yangtze. This has raised questions about its efficacy and its structural integrity. In the worst scenario, the massive dam may collapse, and the overwhelming waters would rush through the Yangtze, causing catastrophic destruction and affecting as many as 600 million people.

TWR seeks to produce a series of 15-min programs in Mandarin to bring comfort and hope to victims of natural disasters and to direct them to God. Titled, Soother of the Soul, each episode will also include practical handles for victims to cope with their reactions.