Coronavirus: Fear into Hope

Fear has gripped the world like nothing we have seen in a long time. The coronavirus outbreak has affected more than 100,000 people around the world and Asia has become the epicenter.

China has been in a state of emergency, Japan has closed schools for the month of March and South Korea has seen cases sour in recent weeks.

TWR teams in Asia are fervently working day and night to complete 12 radio messages that are seven minutes each and translated into four Chinese languages and Japanese and Korean. Each message shares God's Word, the hope found in salvation and prayer during these scary times.

Our teams in these areas are ready to spread a message of HOPE.

They need your help today so that TWR can air these life-changing messages!

We are praying that those who share our concern will rally in this time of urgent need and work with us to raise $65,000 for the airtime needed to broadcast these messages into the areas affected most.

Please consider a gift to help us reach these closed countries with radio and God's messages of love and healing.

As we pray for a speedy medical antidote to be created, we can take action by providing a spiritual antidote that covers all fear, illness and despair

Join TWR in prayer and support for those who need us most in these uncertain times of illness!

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