Biblical Program for Russian Ukrainians

About half of Ukrainians live in poverty, and the recent political turmoil has only added to their anxiety. The rampant use of drugs and alcohol takes a tremendous toll on society, and many Ukrainian women deal with prostitution, trafficking, HIV/AIDS, abortion, and divorce.

In addition, according to prayer guide Operation World, in the years since communism fell, the market economy has allowed corruption to flourish among the elite while many others languish in need.

The radio program Biblical Statement is produced in Kiev, Ukraine, by a journalist who seeks to address the questions of atheists and skeptics. The goal is to encourage listeners to think for themselves, considering the biblical answers presented in the program.

This weekly program for Russian speakers in Ukraine and the surrounding countries allows TWR's local team there to reach out to the lost, bitter, and hopeless. The response from listeners is evidence the program makes a difference in young adult lives as they search for the truth that can set them free.

Our goal to continue producing Biblical Statement for another year is $25,000.