Hope for the Middle East

How can believers and seekers in the Middle East find a church when they are often isolated? Dan gives a picture of what discipleship by radio looks like: “You, the TWR broadcast, are the reason for me knowing what’s in the Bible, the Bible that is forbidden for us in our countries! With Talmatha, and after accepting the Lord as my Savior, I’m being discipled at the feet of your program. I just want to tell you how thankful I am. Words can never deliver the right heart attitude that I have for your broadcast.”

Just like Dan, countless other young believers, house church pastors, and lay leaders find spiritual nourishment through programs like Talmatha, Healing Touches, Youth in Mind, and Women of Hope, each program especially designed for a specific audience to give new believers a strong biblical foundation.

Our goal is $300,000 over the next year to keep these programs on the air.

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