Hope for the Middle East

In this area of the world, the price for faith in Jesus can sometimes be paid in blood. But the demand for Christian resources and broadcasts has never been greater!

In some areas of the Middle East, the most dangerous thing to be is a Christian. Those who humbly – and boldly – bow their knees to Jesus risk arrest, abduction, torture and even death.

Forced to live a secret faith, many of our brothers and sisters are crying out for hope and encouragement, the kind that comes from the Scriptures. And even amid such significant persecution, the demand for Christian broadcasting and resources continues to grow.

Your gift now will help keep gospel-centric programs on the air in the Middle East – satisfying the longing hunger of the body of Christ – and introducing seekers to Jesus.

“I am a Christian. When my faith was discovered, I was put in prison for five years. Your radio broadcasts teach me about Jesus, and I feel that I’m not alone anymore.” – Abdul, a new believer in the Middle East