Little Peter the Octopus Children’s Program

Reaching children and youth with the Gospel is one of the five main initiatives of Trans World Radio’s Global Strategic Plan.

One of the greatest helpers toward that goal in Latin America has been a little octopus puppet named Little Peter, or Pedrito.

TWR-Venezuela produces Little Peter the Octopus (Pedrito el Pulpo), a radio program for Spanish-speaking children between the ages of 5 and 13. The programs include dramatized stories with biblical and ethical applications woven in. Little Peter the Octopus is being heard not only in Venezuela, but in Cuba and all across the Caribbean over TWR-Bonaire, as well as Uruguay, Argentina and over 250 local Spanish radio stations throughout Latin America and even in Europe. The programs are so popular that Little Peter and his puppet friends travel throughout Venezuela, holding massive children's rallies. Authorities recognize the value of teaching ethics and morality to the children, so Little Peter rallies are even able to be held in public schools.

This spiritually dynamic project reaches children mainly in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Central America, Peru, the U.S.A. and many other countries. Thousands of children have indicated decisions for Christ!

A gift of $98 pays for the cost of broadcasting one program episode.