Ukraine Outreach

About half of all Ukrainians live in poverty, and the recent political turmoil has only added to their anxiety. The rampant use of drugs and alcohol takes a tremendous toll on society, and many Ukrainian women deal with the effects of prostitution, trafficking, HIV/AIDS and divorce.

There are more abortions than births, and abortion affects nearly every woman at some point in her life. Voice of Eternal Love is a weekly radio program in the Ukrainian language that brings a biblical perspective to topics such as family life, abortion, occultism, drug use and AIDS. Ukrainians who have been freed of addictions and received salvation in Jesus Christ give their testimonies.

The program Man and Eternity reassures our listeners that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. The Women of Hope radio program and TWR Women of Hope prayer groups bring hope and healing to Ukrainian women who are hurting. These wide-reaching broadcasts air on AM radio in Ukraine and the National Radio Company of Ukraine.