Shine Bonaire

We cannot let the gospel fall silent in Latin America! Throughout Latin America, lives are being transformed through the gospel.

Where violence and poverty reigns, and in areas too remote for missionaries to reach, we are bringing hope and salvation through the power of radio.

Thanks to our upgraded 450,000-watt Shine 800 station on the island of Bonaire, millions of souls can hear the gospel — when and where they need it the most. More and more invite Jesus into their hearts as our message is sent through places like Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

But we need your help to continue reaching so many who desperately need to know of God’s love. Through the generosity of friends like you, we were able to build this powerful means to share his Word. Now we need your help to keep it on air.

A transmitter this powerful requires considerable electricity, and we need your help — today — to raise $84,950 and keep the power on in Bonaire. Your donation will be key in helping so many find God’s Word in their heart languages and will power their hope in these desperate times.

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