Son-Lift Project-for China

Five years ago, TWR’s Chinese ministry team set a multi-year goal to reach out to 106 unreached people groups in China.

The SON-Lift project was born as 60 dramatized Bible stories about the life of Jesus in each of 15 languages understood by these groups. Today, seven of the language productions are complete, with the others in various stages of development.

Each SON-Lift episode includes a Bible story, music, an explanation of the gospel, and a prayer. They are being made available across a variety of media platforms including radio, social media, and audio players loaded with the SON-Lift episodes and an audio Bible.

As partnering church members inside China have taken the media players into the homes of potential listeners and shared the gospel, some have received Christ right on the spot. They realize that the gospel really is good news, and we are eager to complete all 15 language productions. Our goal for the coming year is $200,000.

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