Truth in the Test Tube Japanese

Photo by PoChun Yang on Unsplash

The Japanese people are intellectual thinkers. Uncertainty about the future is leading some of them to seek questions about the meaning of life. TWR seeks to use the Truth in the Test Tube program to reach out to Japanese people who are asking questions.

TWR's pre-evangelistic scientific apologetics program Truth in the Test Tube (TTT) has been used effectively in 10 languages, nudging skeptics into realizing that God exists. A Russian listener said it was "like an explosion in my mind" when he heard us convincingly contradict the "scientific atheism" he had been taught. He was ready to accept John 3:16 when he was convinced of Genesis 1:1.

The book of Hebrews affirms, "He who comes to God must believe that he is..." TTT establishes God's existence, plus the fact that the Bible is God's true and authoritative Word. Convinced of those foundational truths, the individual listens with credibility to the Bible's content.

Truth in the Test Tube has been enthusiastically received by media audiences around the world, including those in other Asian nations such as China, Korea, and Vietnam. Making this program easily available to Japanese audiences will "till the soil" of their hearts and enable them to receive the life-giving truth of God's Word.

At present, TWR is working with Japanese FM radio stations that carry TWR programs. In addition, TWR360 (TWR's web-based media platform) can reach any Japanese-speaking person using an internet-connected device (such as a computer, tablet, or smart phone) anytime and anywhere.

Your gift toward Truth in the Test Tube will enable Japanese listeners to be changed with the message that God the Creator does exist, and that the Bible's message of salvation is true.