West Africa Transmitting Station Upgrades

TWR is installing a second transmitter (the Oasis transmitter) at our West Africa Transmitting Station that will broadcast across the entire country of Nigeria, which has Africa’s largest population and is a current hot spot for religious persecution and radical extremism. Upgrades to the station are needed to support this expanded ministry:

  • • A second installation of solar panels to double our output of electricity $70,300
  • • 2,500 meters of fencing around the property to fully secure the station and the staff $141,180
  • • A used vehicle to provide reliable transportation along 450 kilometers of badly deteriorated roadway between the capital and the station. $58,820

A gift to one or more of these projects will strengthen our infrastructure and allow TWR to keep speaking hope to the people of Nigeria and the hundreds of unreached people groups of West Africa. Our goal over the next year is $270,300.

Canadian residents desiring a tax receipt valid in Canada are advised to make donations through the TWR Canada website https://www.twr.ca/donate

All gift amounts are in U.S. Dollars