Global Media Outreach Fund

Global Media Outreach Fund

Does sharing the gospel by mass media really work? A man paralyzed for 30 years lay on his bed, unable to move. That was his life, and he thought, “Why live?”

But then with a radio by his ear, he heard about God’s love from TWR and began to ponder, “Does God have a purpose for my life?” Through social media, he encouraged others trapped by disabilities to listen to TWR, and a listening club of over 200 people was formed. Today, he uses his voice to teach the Bible to his social network and has completed TWR’s online seminary in the Mandarin language.

For over 60 years, we have been hearing from listeners like this. A man in Africa said, “I was about to commit murder, but your program stopped me.” Others have been pulled back from committing suicide, getting abortions, and many other situations because God intervened with just the right message.

Your support of TWR’s Global Media Outreach, our general fund, helps us to keep our global operations going year after year. Our goal for this next fiscal year is $2,200,000.

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