Every $100 you give will reach as many as 3,333 people online with the gospel

Men and women around the world feel a longing in their hearts. They’re eager to discover the answers to the questions that ache deep in their bones:

"Who is God?”

“Does God even exist?”

“Can I know God?”

“Does my life matter?”

Many will go online to look for the answers they crave. But what will they find?

TWR360 is the digital arm of our ministry that has the potential to reach millions of men and women with gospel and discipleship resources. Especially when it’s powered by your support.

Its reach is magnified by its ability to reach across national borders and past hostile governments to connect with anyone, anytime, on any connected device.

But with the explosion of those looking for truth today, it’s not enough.

Every $100 you can give will reach 3,333 souls with resources that communicate the truth of God’s Word when they search online for the answers about God, Jesus and eternity.

This is especially important now. A significant source of funding we were expecting for TWR360 this year has fallen through – leaving a gap in resourcing.

And we need to raise $200,000 as quickly as we can.

The price is big. But it’s nothing compared to the potential. So please pray and ask God how he would have you respond now.

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